ADP IN- Periods, Hormones & Your Skin

Periods, Hormones & Your Skin

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That time of the month can bring on a variety of skin challenges. Get Olay’s expert tips to keep your skin beautiful during your period and other times of hormonal changes.

Ages 20-35

As you age out of your teen years, hormones begin to balance out. Balanced oestrogen levels give skin a naturally flushed glow. Oestrogen increases collagen and elastin levels, helping your skin look full and plump.

During your period, oestrogen levels drop. The decrease can leave skin looking less vibrant with a sallow, yellowish tint.

Is there a solution?

Start with hydration: An effective moisturiser can help your skin look more full and lively.

Also, some products contain specially selected mica which will get you noticed.

Ages 35-49                                                           

As you age, your skin starts to lose elasticity and firmness as a result of decreasing collagen and elastin levels. Your skin will also begin to feel dry since your skin has a harder time retaining its natural moisture.

Is there a solution?

Use creamy moisturisers that contain high levels of glycerine which binds water to your skin, keeping it moisturised all day long. A night cream can also help alleviate dry skin overnight, so your skin can wake up rejuvenated and refreshed.